Worsham Organization for Research, Learning, and Development (WORLD) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that performs research, provides exceptional learning experiences from various experts in the field, and develops continuing education for funeral service professionals. Additionally WORLD provides philanthropic opportunities for scholarship and international projects.



Perform research, generate evidence-based, peer-reviewed resources, and create whitepapers representing diverse perspectives about meaningful innovations in the deathcare industry.


Design accessible, actionable, relevant learning content from industry experts for funeral service practitioners.


Developing professional growth tools for funeral service practitioners so that we may evolve as an industry.


WORLD will be providing an Embalming and Human Resources training program in March 2021. We hope to launch our Advanced Restorative Art Techniques eLearning course in Summer 2021. Our long-term goal is to build a clinical embalming research laboratory in Wheeling, Illinois. WORLD also has a global initiative which is to work with countries to establish a minimum standard of care and offer educational opportunities on an international organizations to help educate their communities.